Joan P Stratton lives in the tropical far north, Cape York, Queensland, Australia. Her beautiful home and country is the inspiration for her art. She began her working career in Melbourne, as a trainee in graphic art, technical drawings and drafting for a mining and engineering company. With the diversity of work available to her, she gained vast experience with all manner of mediums prior to the advent of computers. In the mid ’80s, as a sideline to her permanent employment, she designed and prepared artwork for record covers (Albums, Eps), promotional ads and flyers for rock bands that marketed their music independently.

She is a mixed media artist, who enjoys experimenting with every medium and they all call to her at one time or another. She loves to create art…it calms her, completes her and takes her away to colour, brush and creativity. Whether putting that brush to paper, canvas or using a digital brush, her mind is totally captured by the piece she is producing.

Her most recent works have been digitally drawn, using a mouse which has been quite challenging as it is not at all like using a pen! Though she does find that her design drafting background and years of CAD experience helps her with understanding the computer drawing process and capabilities of the software. Joan has always liked to push the boundaries experimenting and where possible use non-traditional methods of creating and developing her artworks.  Recently she has been experimenting digitally by incorporating her poetry, photography and existing paintings on canvas within her digital artworks.

For the last couple of years she has been digitally drawing the illustrations for her self-published Grow With Joe Children’s Books, Minnamoolka Station Series which are available via Amazon. She has very much enjoyed drawing the animals of Far North Queensland!

Art is a personal experience that is seen differently by people from all walks of life. When creating Joan feels the story of the piece and tries to do that story justice. She would like for art lovers to enjoy viewing her work and the stories behind them.

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This showcase is from my current series of work that has been greatly influenced by the 1790s rhyme Ring A Ring Of Rosie and the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic which is changing our lives in more ways than we would like to imagine. These challenging times highlighting to each and every one of us, what is of most importance, what we can live without, what we can do for others and what brings us joy in this time of great sadness and uncertainty.

The first seven pieces are a visualisation based on my version of the old rhyme ;

Ring A Ring Of Roses by Joan Stratton

Ring A Ring Of Roses.

Covered Mouths And Noses.

A-tishoo, Toilet Tissue.

Can You Spare A Square.

Come Closer If You Dare.

Touch, Kiss, Laughter…

They All Come After.

We All Fall Down.

Touch is the first of the five senses we develop. The need for positive touch, the connection and reassurance it can bring, is an essential part of our being and as with babies and children touch is essential for the development of their physical, emotional and social health it continues to be important throughout one’s life.

The last five pieces are examples as my shop now has a selection of my art (abstracts, butterflies, fish, dinosaurs other animals, flowers, textiles and many other designs) printed on re-usable unique designer face masks. This is a great idea for the individual or for businesses to purchase for their staff!  I also have a few fun novelty design face masks with faces, lipstick lips, facial hair and mouths. Well if we have to wear them, we may as well do it in style or with the novelty ones to bring joy to others. There are over 900 of my artwork designs available. Check out all of the designs via the following link;

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  • Weipa, Cape York, Queensland

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