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SERENITY - A Book Of Poetry And Painting

A book of poetry & paintings by JP Stratton. 
This book of poetry/prose touches on many of life’s subjects; family, children, love and the world around us. 
Far North Queensland, Australia was the inspiration for the paintings contained within this book. They were created using a variety of mediums, including acrylics, oils, spray paints, pastel and charcoal. 
Contents; 36 poems and 25 paintings
Grow With Joe Children's Books 

My books and the illustrations are inspired by my daughter’s life on an outback cattle station in Far North Queensland, Australia. 

The Isolation of the cattle station highlights the importance of knowing your surroundings; what you make of what you have. How important it is to make a home inviting, filled with love and happiness. In many cases the animals you bring into your life, and those that just appear out of the blue become your companions and your inspiration. They can make you laugh and make you cry… 

SayGday Book 1
Say G’day 

Let’s have a look around the homestead at Minnamoolka
Cattle Station. 

Say G’day to those we meet along the way. 

This book comes with bonus colouring in pages at the end of the story!
meettheanimals Book 2
Meet The Animals 

Joe lives with his family on the remote Minnamoolka Cattle Station. 

He introduces you to the animals at the Station and helps you get to know them better.
countwithkai Book 3
Count With Kai 

Kai lives at Minnamoolka Station. 
Today he has to look around the homestead and count the animals he sees. 

He wants you to help him. 

With help from Kai, you will learn to count from 1 to 12.
kiasanimalalphabet Book 4
Kai's Animal Alphabet 

Kai lives at Minnamoolka Station. 
Today as he looks around the homstead he is going to see if he can find an Australian animal or insect beginning with each letter of the alphabet. 

He wants you to help him. 

With help from Kai, you will learn the alphabet from A to Z.